Hello, this is Goto Sangyo Kisen.


Goto Sangyo Kisen will start carrying “Go to GOTO” campaign from July 1st.
Goto Sangyo Kisen is a passenger ship company operating the route Nagasaki port to
Kamigoto (upper side of Goto Islands), carrying economical discount for tourists
from foreign countries.

Goto is Islands located in Nagasaki Prefecture off coast of the capital city of Nagasaki,
Kyushu, Japan.
We focused on the islands that is upper side of Goto islands, “Kamigoto.”


Kamigoto is called “the island of prayer and healing.”






-Great Nature of Kamigoto-
Kamigoto is surrounded by hills and sea on four sides,
we can see spacious view in everywhere.
The sea of Kamigoto is very clear and the color is cobalt blue,
that is why marine activities are popular among Japanese people
such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Yagatame observation place


Hamagurihama beach


Wakamatsu bridge



-The History of a Secret Faith-
Kamigoto is one of Hidden Christian sites.
The oppression of anti-Christian edicts for 250 years,
churches has been the spiritual home for people living in Kamigoto.

Lourdes of Tainoura church


Now there are 29 churches in Kamigoto.
In 2017, “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region” was
registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
“Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region” websight (English and Korean are available)
One of component of prospective world heritage property,
“Kashiragashima church” is in Kamigoto and
became the big tourist attractions.

Kashiragashima church


*About “Kashiragashima Park and Ride”
When you are interested in visiting Kashiragashima church,
be sure to participate in “Kashiragashima Park and Ride.”
“Kashiragashima Park and Ride” is a way of transfer that
visitors get on and off shuttle bus to Kashiragashima church from
Kamigoto Airport (equipped with Kashiragashima Information Center).
That helps limit the entrance of vehicles in order to preserve
Kashiragashima’s settelments keep the white sand beaches quiet
and allow people to visit safety.
You must make Kashiragashima Park and Ride reservations in advance.

Shuttle bus of Kashiragashima Park and Ride

Reservation: http://kyoukaigun.jp/


-Delicious local foods-

There are special local foods in Kamigoto.

The most famous food is Goto hand-stretched udon.

Goto hand-stretched udon(dried noodle)

The udon is one of the three most famous types of udon in Japan.
Goto islands was a place of international trade at one time,
China brought some noodles and Goto people produced Goto hand-stretched udon.
Goto hand-stretched udon contains camellia oil,
that is also special product of Kamigoto.
Strong points of Goto hand-stretched udon are thinness,
chewiness and smoothness.
The most popular way of eating is “Jigokudaki.”
“Jigoku” means inferno and “daki(taki)”means boiling in Japanese.
The scene when boiling Goto hand-stretched udon in hot pans is like
the inferno, so the name is “Jigokudaki.”
When we eat Goto hand-stretched udon in that way,
we dip udon in flying fish broth.




The products of the sea are also famous.
We could eat seafood in various ways.
Hatchery tuna is recentry livened up.

Raw Seafood bowl (under the seafood, there is rice)



Kankoro-mochi is a sweet of Kamigoto,
that is made by sweet potatoes and rice cake.
People often buys Kankoro-mochi for their souvenirs.
When we eat this, cut thin and grill lightly.
Kankoro-mochi is little stickey and just sweet.

Kankoro-mochi (from the left side, kankoro-mochi containing mugwort, normal kankoro-mochi, kankoro-mochi containing purple sweet potatoes)



-About our company-
Goto Sangyo Kisen is a passenger ship company,
operating the route Nagasaki port to Kamigoto(Tainoura port)
in three round trips a day.


Oprating schedule
Nagasaki port to Kamigoto (Tainoura port)
1st ship/ 8:00
2nd ship/ 12:00
3rd ship/ during October and February 16:00, during March and September 17:00

Kamigoto (Tainoura port) to Nagasaki port
1st ship/ 8:00
2nd ship/ 14:00
3rd ship/ during October and February 16:00, during March and September 17:00

*When ship enters dock, we operate in differnt schedule.
We’ll let you know when it happens.


Operating time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Operating ships: V(five) Island and Big Earth (both are high speed passenger ship)

V(five) Island
Supplementary explanation !
The name of V Island is from “GOTO.” In Japanese, “Go” means 5(five), and “TO” means Island.
The outside appearance is cheering specifications of Nagasaki’s soccer team, V varen Nagasaki.


Big Earth



-Go to GOTO campaign-
Goto Sangyo Kisen is carrying “Go to GOTO” campaign.
This campaign is for tourists from foreign countries.
Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization are
carrying “Your Japan 2020″ campaign, that is a promotion for
foreigners visiting Japan, and Goto Sangyo Kisen’s campaign is
one of it.

In this campaign, Goto Sangyo Kisen is doing economical discount
for visitors from overseas.
Showing the corresponding campaign page from the JNTO website
on your smartphone, or bring a printed copy of the corresponding page,
a special 2020-only discount on one-way ride
from Nagasaki port to Kamigoto(Tainoura port) for 2020 yen.
Ordinary fee(one-way) is 4,980 yen plus fuel surcharge so very profitable campaign!

Besides, visitors who have birthdays with “2″ or “0″ in the date,
show your passport at the ticket office and get
Goto hand-stretched udon(dried noodle) free!

Campaign term: July 1st to December 31st, 2020


Payment methods
-Cash (Only Japanese Yen)
-Credit cards
-QR CODE Payment(PayPay, Rakuten Pay, YOKA!Pay, LINE Pay, WeChat Pay etc.)


Kamigoto is calm and have the riches of nature.
We hope various countries visitors come to Kamigoto,
and enjoy sightseeing, eating local foods, and feel the prayer.


“Your Japan 2020″ campaign’s formal website is here
Your Japan 2020 JNTO



If you have Inquiries about Goto Sangyo Kisen,
please send E-mail us.
E-mail address: info@goto-sangyo.co.jp
*Please type “Go to GOTO campaign” on your E-mail subject.